Dreaming, isn’t Always That Sweet

November 19, 2010 § 3 Comments

Yeah, you know. Some people say that dreaming is sweet, dreaming is the happiest part of your sleep, dreaming is a, b, c, and d. But hold on. Is it? There is a jackass that will break all of those dream-lovers quotes, which called nightmare.

No im not gonna tell you guys about nightmare theoritically, im not a doctor anw. All im trying to say, is that, nothing is that sweet in this entire universe. No such thing, is perfect in life. Even when you reach your unconscious world, through a dream, it doesn’t always guarantee you that it will always be happy. No it is not.

So why, dreaming? Why “dreaming” word seems so good for some pathetic people who can’t face their own problem? Is it that hard for them, to face it? Yeah, it is. Me personally say, sometimes yes it is. When the world is not on your side. People, are your enemies. Those circumtances, make dreaming, is the only way out. Well, is not the ‘right’ way out. It’s just like, having a perfect break, a perfect runaway from the real world. A temporary one.

So, God, I’m gonna ask you one thing, will you keep nightmare away, from me? Because, im not that strong. I dont think i can handle one more bad thing in my life, evenmore when it happen in my sleep. Could you please, let me dream what i want to. Let me build my own world, let me design it, let me choose which one is good, which one is bad. Let me decide my own destiny there. Let me be the creator, the designer, and also the player, in my own dream. Will you?


Of course not. You arrange, and decide everything. That’s because you are the God, not me.




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