“Never mind I’ll find, someone like you.”

March 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

2010. I remember the time when I was unboxing my first ever so-called smartphone. It was a blackberry 8250 (or 8520?) – whatever – which well known as Gemini. Yes that was kinda strange since I’m Scorpio….and Gemini…doesn’t sound so good huh.

Anyway, years gone by, so quickly. Until I realized that BlackBerry 8520 -whatever – wasn’t that good. In fact, it sucks. It has so little space of RAM. The processor wasn’t powerful enough. I hate the camera quality evenmore. The plastic case, just make it looks cheaper than ever.

2011. I decided to get a new BlackBerry. It was 9780. Its popular name was Onyx. My first day with my Onyx, was like, a day when I finally ride a Ninja, when I usually ride a Vespa. Satisfied.

When you finally got a better phone for your daily life, the first few weeks made you be in the stage 3, HoneyMoon (Strangers, Again.). Everything you do with it, just satisfying. You can’t take your eyes off from it. Every time you touch its keypad with your fingers, fingerasm. Every melodic that comes from it, sounds better than Adele’s.

End of 2011. A girl (phone, read.) whom i thought my last one, apparently just not that good enough. I came to the latest stage of a relationship. Yes, stage 5. Downhill. I lost the chemistry. I lost the sparks.

I came to a point when I assumed, there are so few things I can do with my Onyx. I usually use it for BBM (yes, of course), e-mails, twitter, YM, fullstop. That’s it. I need to explore more things (apps, read) on that so called mobile world.

The BBM also, (sometimes) made me sick. Most of all friends from my circles, are using it. And sometimes (again, sometimes) it can be so frustrating when bunch of people keep PING-ing you everyday (Is there anybody on the space agree with me on this?). If it’s important enough, you can just call me. Rather than keep send me thousands of those vibrations and red-colored-letters-that-looks-annoying.

I started, to ignore it. I started, to not reply some BBMs in my Onyx. It’s not about the people, it’s about the environment and the local wisdom. Another stage. Downhill.

End of February, 2012. I decided to, break up with her. Move on. I ditch my Onyx, and get a new phone. An iPhone 4. Who says you will never find someone like your ex? I did. In fact, it’s better. Me gusta.

Stage 3, all over again.



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